About Gauri

I offer a practice to create space in your life and to connect with the joy within, the joy you see in a child’s eyes.

I believe your true nature of body and mind are supple and harmonious. So I teach you how develop more flexibility in your body, to dissolve rigidity in your body, mind and life: finding more ease in all that you do.

I guide you carefully through each session teaching you how to align and harmonize with yourself. When you embrace a regular practice of Yoga with Gauri the door to transforming your body, mind and life are open.

Gauri is very aware of the personal needs and opportunities for advancement with each student. She can help you confidently and safely through each yoga posture, allowing you to meet your body-mind in perfect balance. She helps you find the place in yourself where there is grace through movement, guiding you into your expression of each yoga pose or asana.

Gauri is adept in guiding you into inner movement beyond your muscles and bones, by teaching you how to access the inner power of your inner organs, breath, and energetic pathways. Through these teachings you will find a deeper sense of ease in each posture and ultimately you will find yourself accessing the power and wisdom within as you move through your entire day.

Gauri has studied yoga and esoteric practices for over 20 years. She was so profoundly touched by the positivity brought by yoga into her life she resigned her executive position and dedicated her life to the concept popularized by Mahatma Gandhi, “Be The Change”.

Detailed Bio

Gauri has been exploring a unique fusion of body-mind integration through yoga for more than 19 years. She undertook a wide path of yogic studies, including multiple journeys to India to study with yogic masters, steeping her own awareness in the essence of yoga. Studying Yoga since 1996, Gauri found a vast and deep wealth of knowledge, both scientific and esoteric.

Teaching more than 2000 hours throughout Asia and the U.S. in a variety of workshops and teacher certification programs, Gauri realized part of her life purpose was to create an immersion program filled with both embodiment and esoteric wisdom.  The years of teaching in Yoga Alliance Certified programs and her dedication to living and learning a full spectrum of yogic teachings gave rise to the One Center Many Paths yogic immersion and teacher certification program.

Gauri studied yoga, somatic & kinetic movement for several years and is recognized by Yoga Alliance as a highly trained and skillful facilitator. She has explored yoga under the guidance of "The Mother of Restorative Yoga" in the West, Judith Hansen Lasater, achieving certification in the Restore and Renew Program. Other teachers that have flavored Gauri’s expression include Richard Freeman, Donna Farhi, Eric Schiffman and Russil Paul along with the richness of many yogic texts and philosophers. She holds an "Experienced Registered Yoga Teacher" certification through the Yoga Alliance & continues to teaches internationally.

In weekly classes, you will be invited to move safely through yoga asanas that guide you to the peace and beauty that is within; touching into your inner wisdom; rejuvenating your body and mind. Gauri understands the personal needs and opportunities for advancement with each student. Often students say “this is exactly what I needed”…. So, what do you need? Consider joining a few classes and see yourself growing towards your best life.

Gauri offers numerous private sessions each week.  She listens to what you want and need, watches your movement to offer approaches for safe release of harmful patterns. Private Sessions focus on what will support you the most in this moment. It may be chanting, pranayama, guided meditations, chakra balancing, learning tools to meet everyday living or how to recover from an injury or surgery.  Consider your private sessions an opportunity to improve relationships in body, mind and soul.

The deepest wisdom lies inside of you, and the practice of Yoga is constantly revealing and informing you of your essential nature, or “Truth”. She has been sharing Yoga with private clients and teaching classes in a variety of settings since 2005.