Yoga is about integrating body and mind, and stepping into your own beauty and truth.


Step into your center and your truth through breath and movement.


Move forward in your life to new vistas and new possibilities.

Yoga with Gauri

A refreshing approach to personal integration.

Gauri provides the participant with the energetic space to really explore yoga. Through movement, breath and visualizations, you will find a sense of self, the ultimate peace. Gauri’s experience and wisdom gently supports each class as you unfold to your inner truth.

Real Yoga

Gauri aspires to practice “real” yoga.

She looks to the sacred texts from the yoga tradition to inform her realization. She includes in her practice the eight limbs of yoga, which not only develop the body, but cover all aspects of a person’s life. These include the physical, mental and spiritual well-being of individuals as well as one's environment and relationship with other beings. Practicing these yogic life principles leads one to deeper self-knowledge, love, and respect towards other people and creatures.

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