Private Sessions

In the age old tradition of Yoga, knowledge was imparted one, by one.  Yoga at its roots is taught by private, teacher to practitioner sessions.  This allows the teacher to share exactly what is necessary for the practitioner, guiding them into their own personal yoga practice.  This can quickly open the gates to the body, mind and true essence of Yoga.

Sign up for a single private session or a series of sessions and take the joy of embodiment even farther, or opt to share this session with a supportive friend and share the fee.

Perhaps you have a current or past medical condition you are working with.  If allowed, Yoga can help.  Consider signing up for one or more sessions to support your unique circumstance.

Each session is held in Gauri’s home studio. Arrangements can be made for other locations.

Cost of Private Sessions:

Single session:  $85.00
Series of 5 one hour sessions over 3 months:  $275.00*

*I prepare for each of your sessions prior to your arrival and understand schedules can change unexpectedly therefore, One reschedule is allowed in the 5 session series. Private Sessions are non-transferable.


Semi-Private Series


Schedule 3 sessions lasting 1.5 hours with a minimum of 4 friends for only $24 per hour per person! During your semi-private session Gauri will offer a program specifically designed to support the needs of the group and can range from gentle movement, breathing techniques, stress reducing meditations, deep stretching and body strengthening. Total cost per person is $108 for 4.5 hours of semi-private instruction.

For more information please contact Gauri at here.