Immersion & Teacher Certification

This training integrates a variety of yogic systems, with a focus of self-transformation, empowering you to live from the center of your heart. It is designed for those interested in personal evolution and perhaps stepping into a teaching role. This is a Yoga Alliance 200-hour certification program which will inspire you to live your truth. If you choose to teach you can offer transformational yoga classes safely and with confidence. If you are looking to cultivate the sweetness of life and to put your life clearly on track, this infusion of the multi-faceted aspects of yoga could be just what you need.

Your journey begins by revitalizing the body using movement, breath exploration, sacred sound, meditation and exploring your unique field of potentiality. As you learn, your possibilities broaden and you awaken innate qualities of your authentic self. This supports you in refining your perspectives. You discover how to nurture the roots of health, energize personal growth and live skillfully; with aliveness.

Completing this training prepares you to bring the true nature of yoga far and wide. You become a conduit that moves yoga forward, both on and off the mat.


  • Learn to gently guide yourself and others toward equanimity, using yogic techniques which integrate and rebalance the body, breath and mind.
  • Explore asana, pranayama, visualization, meditation, mantra and presence, to cultivate your awareness of deep kinesthetic layers and structural integrity.
  • Learn embodied anatomy and bio-mechanical principles that integrate the underlying energetic support grid behind the physical form, empowering the asana, mind & being.
  • Master facilitating well rounded yoga classes and how to meet students’ abilities and limitations safely & effectively. Styles include hatha, flow, restorative & pranayama.
  • Learn to address structural imbalances which lead to common problems with the knees, pelvis, spine & shoulders.
  • Explore the influences of sound on the body and surrounding environment and be capable of practicing and offering mantra to shift the body/mind or surrounding environment.
  • Work with the elements, chakras, major nadis and mudras to understand the influence on various bio-energetic pathways, explore a variety of yogic philosophies & Tantric practices. Sources will include the Vigyana Bhairava along with other historical and modern texts.

Our program invites you to cross the frontiers of what you “think yoga is” into a land of new perspectives, integrating the body with your fullest sense of self, for this is your birthright.

An Experiential Approach to Learning

This program invites you to learn through experiencing the multifaceted system of yoga, beyond yoga asana. It invites you to step into new aspects of mastery. In yoga, a teacher remains a dedicated student, forever learning and growing into unfolding possibilities.

A key aspect of embracing yoga is embracing what is arising in the present moment. Meeting what is with understanding and compassion. Throughout this journey of learning and growing you discover new foundations to move towards your unique expression.

This program is open to all levels of mobility. Don’t worry if you’re body isn’t “bendy” “strong” or “buff.” Yoga is best when you release the “why not’s” and embrace what is possible. Surprisingly wonderful things happen when we loosen the reins on life.

Lead Teachers:

Gauri Johnson, E-YRT– brings of 18+ years of mind-body integration and more than 3300 hours of teaching. She has taken a wide yogic path, including multiple journeys to India, studying with yogic masters, immersed in long retreats to clarify her skillful transmission and has cultivated a graceful, playful style of teaching. She has taught in Asia & around the U.S. She is masterful in teaching you how to take your practice beyond the mat, making it practical for your life.

Inayat Tal has embraced a lifetime of esoteric and historical cultural studies. His extensive research, travel and participation in multi-cultural ceremonies bring long forgotten knowledge forward. His delivery is a lucid sharing of ancient and modern yogic philosophies and practices which quickly expand your consciousness providing you with clarity of mind and heart. Inayat is a Reiki master and has been trained in or has knowledge of other healing modalities including Energy Medicine, Quantum Healing Hypnosis Therapy, Sufi healing (i.e. The Raphaelite Work), Qi Gong, and shamanic medicine techniques.

Together, our aim is to create peace and harmony within ourselves and in our relationships through a practical, embodied exploration of yoga.

We hope you can join us in discovering your ultimate way of living.

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We will be offering this training in Cary.


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