Application Process and Fee
- Complete the Application.
- Submit a $100 application fee along with this completed form. The application fee is separate from the tuition and is refundable if you are not accepted into the program. If accepted into the program the $100 application fee is non-refundable. (CEs only excempt)
- You will be contacted by Gauri or Inayat to schedule a 30 to 45 minute meeting to discuss the program. During your private meeting you will have time to practice some yoga, talk about your application and make sure the program is right for you.
- If your interview is after January 15th and you are accepted into the program tuition payments will be necessary to hold your space.
Please fill out this form completely
Section I: Personal Information
Address with city/zip/state/country
Primary phone number
Secondary phone number
Cell phone number
E-mail Address
Sex: M / F
Name you prefer to go by?
What is your profession?
I will accept & regularly check e-mails and newsletters to stay informed.
How did you hear about our program? Word of mouth, In class, Flyer, Newsletter, Yoga Alliance, Facebook, Other
Section II: About You
In 200 words or less describe your yoga experience and certifications, if any.
In 100 words or less: If you’re currently teaching a movement based class please describe including how long you have been teaching and what training and certifications you have.
If you want to teach, what populations are you interested in? Examples include beginner, prenatal, over 50’s, teens, etc.
In 200 words or less: In what ways do you hope to grow from this program?
Briefly, why did you choose this program?
Briefly, what inspires you?
Briefly, what brings a feeling of peace and happiness into your life?
Briefly, what challenges you?
Section III: Health Information

Do you have injuries, movement limitations, or physical conditions?

Are you using any medications to manage the conditions?

How long you have been diagnosed with the conditions.

Many people seek a yoga program to heal the mental and emotional bodies. Please share any mental or emotional challenges you may cycle through during our several months together. Are these diagnosed by a physician and managed by prescriptions? Are they self diagnosed and managed by diet, yoga and other wellness avenues? Please describe your situation and how you’re coping. We hope you will find this program an extension of the current support you are offering yourself.
Section IV: Emergency Contacts
Address including city, state, zip and country
Primary phone number
Secondary phone number
Cell phone number
Section V: Tuition Payment Options
We offer payment options. Which do you choose?
Section VI: Refund Policy
Cancellations made more than 30 days before the first day of training will be allowed a full refund of any payments made, minus the $100 application fee.
No refunds are given for cancellations made less than 30 days before the first day of training.
Section VII: Declaration/Acceptance of Forms
I hereby declare the information in this application to be true and complete. I understand that providing false information is grounds for rejection of this application, expulsion from the program or revocation of certification. In this case any fees paid may be forfeit by you at the discretion of the instructors. (type Yes)
I have read and accepted the code of ethics (type Yes) - Click Here For Ethics Agreement
I have read and accept the cancellation and refund policy (type Yes)
Enter your initials to acknowledge/sign